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威默林庄园|帮兴As a matter of fact, to cao cao, how can be mistreated xu chu, salary reduction, but can use other name award, how won't really slow xu chu, as for the position reduced, to xu chu's prestige, cao cao's huben wei who dare to despise xu chu because of this?"But Mr. Wolong? See bearer, liu2 bei4 hurriedly fight up, come forward a bow, inquire a way."Be!"

"Orcas, attack! High and look calm face, will be the most elite JiShi top in front, he can't do not, if not big JiShi to pick up the slack, standing up to the first wave of shock, lyu3 bu4 that wait for all the army is the fate of the rout, even then, in the wilderness in the infantry against cavalry, the odds are too small, only hope, cao cao to send troops to aid in the time."Has liu bei gone to jingzhou?" Lyu3 bu4 suddenly wrinkly to knit the brows knit, now the north a tripartite confrontation, lyu3 bu4, Carthage, cao cao constraint each other, makes the tripartite present a state of internal friction and restrict each other, not outward development, liu bei is not in jingzhou, lyu3 bu4 worry even liu2 bei4 again big skill, table business for many years in jingzhou, liu and CAI, zhang, kuai, yellow four big families of deep-seated rule, liu bei to seize jingzhou is not an easy thing."Quite simply, in the central plain or in the middle of shu, there are many merchants who come to chang 'an every year. If they were in these places, they would not be surprised at these things.威默林庄园|"Two childe, archenemy current, can't again fight!" Lu kuang shouted at the top of his lungs across the crowd.

威默林庄园|"Haha, in puyang, your master failed to defeat me. Today, I will teach you a lesson!" More xi laugh 1, trident square day halberd is cut repeatedly belt thorn, follow majestic sea battle in one place.At the foot of the mountain, feng li and his troops had arrived at the foot of the maddai camp. As long as they passed the mountain, it was yicheng.Jia xu smell language light sigh, silently nodded, no longer advised.

"Not now." Feng ji shook his head and said, "if I leave, the military morale of yecheng will surely be greatly scattered. If yuan shang is defeated, even if the childe has qingzhou, he will have to face lu bu and cao cao's attack at the same time. Can the childe be sure?"Think of guo jia's evaluation, cao cao some shibuya, even if the fierce as cao cao, now also under the influence of the family, and with the growing cao cao, those from the family pressure is more and more, looking at guo jia, cao cao opened his mouth, but was interrupted by guo jia."Yes." Lyu3 bu4 affirmation of nod way.威默林庄园|





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