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清朝醉游记|狗皮褥子Blood splash, fierce battle sound, the two men have no intention of retreating, two people are very clear in the heart, this time, who let a step, who lost the first chance, meet the brave win!"Archers, suppress!" Rear, pressure on the slave soldiers up the elite shooters of all nationalities this just launched an attack, crossbow began to pour arrows toward the wall, let ChengTou defenders can't brazenly kill slave soldiers.Under the stimulation of begging Fu Ge Yang, begging Fu people seem to play hormones of general excitement to despair of the huns.

"If you put these things aside, how does Sze-yuan feel about Wen Hou?" Zhaoyun shook his head, these things, he can't understand, although zhaoyun is also a strong background, but has not risen to the level of a scholar, for this kind of thing can't be understood.Chapter sixteen three-legged trendOf course, also just complain, to say the truth, not yet, lyu3 bu4 has ordered the armed forces, wei yan leapt into guarding the river of general, this makes wei yan very excited, general, after all, to get merit on the battlefield.清朝醉游记|Think of d, liang xing heart at the moment surged with an unspeakable sense of despair, at the beginning of the children, now let oneself feel the pressure, that has been called the west cool, will be followed by Korea cut must abandon robes, even with lyu3 bu4 d now how horrible?

清朝醉游记|"Timothy..." Qui-head eyes flashed a struggle, finally shook his head and said: "Step root, this battle, you fight."This lombardi was xu togeher that scold, annoyed, where can hear xin comment voice is to make xu togeher to the rear, cut off xu togeher surrender to cao cao.Sheep are kept, With a woman, And even xianbei king's court, The temuzhen adult is also respected, plus the huns and some unsatisfactory small tribes, the huns tribe has just been established, there is a growing trend of prosperity, so that countless huns see hope, perhaps one day, with temuzhen adult, really can reproduce the fierce power and glory of the huns megatron grassland.

"Kill!" YuanMen slowly opened the moment, lyu3 bu4 eyes in the light of a flash, raised the bow, a high cry of anger, five thousand troops began to charge toward YuanMen."What can this say? Craftsmen for the men to provide excellent armor weapons, merchants also brought huge benefits, let the people more affluent, very good." Zhaoyun shook his head.Zhang he smell speech frown way: "strategist, is there any way? Or we also sent people to harass them?"清朝醉游记|




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