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孟天娇|欣沸三宝However, after three months of trial results, the final profit was three times of the tax that Chen gong and others calculated that they could get under the old system. Chen gong and others obediently shut their mouths.Many huns want to turn around and kill back, but more huns at the moment is thinking of running away, the situation has been out of control, chaos of the qiang people blocked the way, many huns crazy beheaded the front of the qiang people, want to rush out of a way, also have been killed the anger of the qiang people rose up against."It's time for you to rest, wang." < / p > < p > a month's general looked at the month's king as if ten years old look, concerned about the way.

"The last general!" The selected shi long can not help but smell speech, hurriedly in a group of robes in the eyes of admiration, lv bu received life."Go!" Lyu3 bu4 camp with a title of generals in ancient times to enter the city, scattered raindrops fall, gradually become dense, the people of the city has long been retracted their own home, such a melee is not strange to the people of this age, the underlying character, also have their way of strain, no matter who ultimately won the ownership of the city, are unlikely to slaughter the people, this time, only need to hide in the room."What to do, general?" A group of soldiers ashamed to see zhou cang, was a group of women to play."It has been said that there should be an answer within three days, but our army must be ready, or at least make a gesture, to let them know that if they do not surrender, we will not hesitate to engage them in battle." Li ru laughed.孟天娇|And scribes sighed and shook his head, wry smile way: "at the beginning my father had the foresight, let me hide in advance, for our home leave a wisp of incense, also wanted to go originally, heard the news of the family things to voluntarily, transmission line, two younger brother is enough, he smart - I ten times, travel and study in the outside, calculate time, should also be well, I will stay in changan, seeking revenge, it is a pity, haha... "

孟天娇|< / p > < p > compared to the huns in the future how to live, lv bu is more concerned about the situation in the west cool now, three days ago sent a message back to the west cool, do not know whether it can play a role."Go!" Bite bite, han suici heart know the general situation is gone, also ignore other, this time, live is really, with a help of close guard, under the guard of liang xing, while the disorderly army stopped ma chao, quickly retreated to the direction of gu Tibet."Fengxiao, why are you so sure lv bu will win?" Xun yu look to the country, some don't understand, after all, lyu3 bu4 for them, puyang, xuzhou, xun yu ask yourself is to give the person to feel, in principle, lyu3 bu4 yong yong yi, also can't say no, but character is not able to make up easily, but lu bu in west cool a good show, they completely reverse the past impression, crowd, there is only a country often concluded that contrary to all, but the ultimate facts but always prove his seemingly fanciful expression can often hit the nail on the head hitting the key.

"What is the young lady going to do?" < / p > < p > zhou cang wen yan looked at wen pin one eye, in the eyes of shame, even thoughtfully nodded.Snow seems to be bigger, although there is a good snow harvest, but continue to enjoy the mood of snow or not, lv bu let people notice hua tuo, medical camp to save some people, although not necessarily to save how many people, but better than indifferent.Outside chang 'an, Chen gong stopped lv bu and said, "my Lord, when we go back, we need to take an hussar with us."孟天娇|




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