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太深了已经到底了h|空心铜针Chapter ninety-eight wei VS zhang fei"This …" Wei Yan frowned. "Will Zhuge Liang come out?""ZiBu this bad, the lyu3 bu4 is also wolf ambition, how will he promise? Even if promised, this human relationship, how do we want to repay?" Sun quan has not spoken, zhuge jin has frowned out the voice of sun quan.

Guan yu slightly frown, at the moment jiangdong army has been into the city, the wall to continue to keep it is no longer necessary, harsh voice way: "ring the trumpet, life from the west side of the city."Mat Jiangcheng, Pang Tong and Wei Yan after the news of the withdrawal of troops, Zhang Fei some confusion, puzzled at Zhuge Liang way: "What do they mean?"Xie yun roared, drawing his sword to the king.太深了已经到底了h|Failed!

太深了已经到底了h|His eyes could not help but look at Zhuge Jin. He said with some expectation, "Did Tzu Yu ever say anything about Liu Bei when he went to Jingzhou?"Guan Yu shook his head. "It's just a little loose, so go get some water!"Failed!

"Mean man, no brave bandit!" Also luckily zhang fei far away, and martial arts, zhang eight snake spear dance into a circle, will shoot to the front of the arrow cluster opened, at the same time on horseback, roared in the mouth: "men, kill me!"With wei commanded, three thousand crossbow arrows out of the air, the mountain, yan yan haven't had time to answer the subordinates, feel scalp a tingling, instinct to hide behind a tree.At the beginning of liu bei will Wang Yin out, have not broken luoyang, their king's idea, unfortunately, contrary to their wishes, the guanzhong army battle power, until the first world war, he just had a real experience, finally the alliance died, zhou yu break an agreement against huyang, cao cao also unable to continue to compete with lyu3 bu4, back to xuchang.太深了已经到底了h|




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