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汉中中学校园网|酷拉A group of jiangdong soldiers also like the duck was strangled neck general speechless, before called ferocious, but at the moment guan yu so generous opened YuanMen, they suddenly found no recruit.After a wick of incense, Just replaced with Li Hun, Cheng Fang, who was preparing to return to the camp, was stopped by a group of people. Head of the people shrouded in a cloak, can't see clearly, behind him, is dozens of soldiers, although wearing the armor of ordinary soldiers, but Cheng Fang can also count as a time-honored battlefield, just a glance, then see these seem to be ordinary soldiers, absolutely climb out of the pile of dead, Chengdu when so much of a team?Although close to the front line, but at the beginning of the world five governors united against lyu3 bu4, but eventually was lyu3 bu4 play grandson like retraction, as long as there is lyu3 bu4 here, that changan is the world's safest city, also after the battle, began to have a large number of merchants will move to luoyang.

"Two generals, please, come in." Sighed, pound wry smile, although the in the mind some unwilling, but always can't hang two people outside, said, whether blanc or wei, seniority can be deeper than himself."General, afraid of what he does? He again fierce, can't the guanzhong military forces really can't, male broad sea, not afraid to tell you, I wait here tonight, is to capture lu zheng, if you know, give me immediately, when the emperor uncle in shu, say no, can also protect you a rich, otherwise...""What do you say?" Lyu3 bu4 curious to giffin.汉中中学校园网|"Naturally."

汉中中学校园网|Don't take off, no shield hand block, he is a live target, hundreds of arrows cluster shot, so close to do not run, wait to become a hedgehog."Hmm?" Zhang fei saw the bearer's banner, unexpectedly is the home, rather than wei yan, and look at each other's military forces, although the number of people than wei yan guanzhong elite, but only look at spirit, compared with wei yan that elite, the military forces is a bunch of mob.In fact, the overall situation of this kind of thing, male broad sea than Wang Shuangqiang not where to go, but he followed lyu3 bu4 side for many years, insightful, and itself is also a war veteran, not to mention the other, just the gas field is enough to deter the armed forces.

"General, seems to want to attack dianjiang is unlikely." Deng Xian came to wei yan side, for the guanzhong army combat effectiveness is a new understanding, but even if the guanzhong army has strong bow strength crossbow advantage, want to rely on this to attack the mat jiangcheng sufficient manpower is still difficult."At one time or another, the male seedlings hurried off, and the opportunity to break the enemy was there for a few days!" Tardif ignored him, let a person recruit a halberd, although not as good as his crescent halberd with smooth, but without guan yu, at the moment in jingzhou army, want to also no one can stop him, immediately point out of the camp to guan yu drowning war."Mean man, die!" Formosa ke injured, not surprised to anger, growl, also regardless of the wound between the chest and abdomen because of anger upwelling and faster out, a wave of briers and thorns, according to wei head mercilessly smashed down, that posture, really want to hit solid, I'm afraid wei even people with horses have to be smashed into meat mud.汉中中学校园网|




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