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白色烟雾弹图纸|环卫洒水车That night, zhou cang had enough to eat and drink, a deep sleep in the past, this sleep, sleep to the next day, get up, zhou cang felt wrong, how could he sleep so dead? Hurriedly rushed out of the room, the whole camp looking for, not only did not find lu lingqi, even the prisoners of the text also did not sign, the stockade only hundreds of lu lingqi was taken to solicit the bandit at a loss what to do.Pang tong rolled his eyes about, but he was thinking of how to make a scene, preferably to cause confusion, and then to slip away.< / p > < p > with zhang liao met one side, took hetao information, overall, xiongnu this winter is not very good, years ago wanted to go to xiliang plunder, get the winter supplies, who knows the materials did not rob, but was hit by the vitality, front and back, nearly 100,000 losses, making xiongnu in hetao area deterrence is not.

"The western regions all protect?" Juyan king complexion a change, shen voice way: "he took how many people to come?"On the field, the two sides of the confrontation, hamu son wearing a suit of leather armor, in the front of the two army to swim away, mouth with xiongnu language continued to provoke.Hired is also feel very wronged, in Addis there ate battle, was decreased by office of CAI is great anger, into the gate of xiangyang officer, come back today, only to see a line of people outside the furtive discuss something, now also didn't think much of forward HeWen, who knew that I had a bunch of confrontation, not only the means of biting, and style is unreasonable, shoulders the arrow wound is not good, play out, the results haven't how to begin the strong man was opposite a pull down from the horse, so was captured at the city gate, wen hired suddenly feel seems to be a bleak future.白色烟雾弹图纸|"It is an important and joyful event." Chen gong bowed and said, "princess liu yunfeng has been married to his Lord for several months. Now yongliang is calm, and it is time for his Lord to marry the princess."

白色烟雾弹图纸|"Each go to prepare, tomorrow morning, back to chang 'an." Looking at the crowd, lyu3 bu4 stretch once muscles and bones, calculate up, this time send troops, if calculate on the words of bai shui4 qiang that period of time, front and back also have two months, actually some miss chang an of easy life."My name is lu lingqi, a hussar riding general, the daughter of lu bu." Lu lingqi leaned against the tent, her eyes down, her voice barely audible."The end is near." Gao shun stepped forward.

It's not too high, but many vendors are willing to settle their accounts this way, because business doesn't happen every day."Miss, please come back with us." Cang grim-faced looking at Addis, chasing out two days later, zhou cang found wrong, actually no news all the way, the way back, JingXiang make so much noise, how can you keep up there, when learned that when you return to JingXiang Addis and fold, zhou cang frightened to disgrace, hurriedly with hardships coming day and night."There is only one way for soldiers to prove their prowess, and that is military achievements. From now on, I will set up ten shanzhai, and within ten days, one shanzhai will be broken every day. Lv bulang voice way: "today the training is over, tomorrow start, formal selection."白色烟雾弹图纸|




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