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电视剧温柔的陷阱|台湾特产批发For liu bei, huang zhong sense is good, now acquire microbloggers security, huang zhong nature also hope can do some great cause, and recommend liu table before, soon loyalty to liu bei, just these days CunGong adulthood, desperately wants to prove himself, heard a task, to find, want to don't want to, direct forward step."Return! < / p > < p > ma qiu hate stare majestic one eye, riding back to run, and high pet neck and neck, constantly forced to guan yong, people have not arrived, ma qiu a hook club, hook to guan yong club.A crossbolt pierced the throat of the assassin, and the assassin, who was hurrying towards him, fell silent and upright on the ground, not five paces away from lu bu. His limbs twitched several times, and there was no sound.

Chen qun came to the goose pavilion, the scene is some chaos."General, why don't we take men and attack the camp by the end of the night?" "Clanged the lieutenant."Commander, lu bu now moved to luoyang, we really do not need to tube it?" Chaisang, zhou yu dayying, riverside, zhou yu holding a fishing rod fishing on the river, lv meng came to zhou yu side, puzzled look at zhou yu.电视剧温柔的陷阱|"Snow ~"

电视剧温柔的陷阱|"Bang bang bang ~""Well.""Oh." Lv zheng nodded his head and saw that the food in front of lv bu was almost finished. He quickly began to fight against the food on the table. But after a while, he raised his head again and looked at lv bu.

Following, is a piece of cao jun kneel down.Someone raised his crossbow and shot the five shameless cao at zhaoyun's command.电视剧温柔的陷阱|




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