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绝代蛮后神采飞扬中国郎'no! Zhang liao shook his head and said, "now the Lord is facing yuan cao alone. The troops are not enough.Yecheng is in in sight, lu kuang wipe with a smile on the face, lyu3 bu4 suddenly from killing off the taihang mountains, straight into the handan, soldiers front will of quang chief scout can not stop, more terrorist, lyu3 bu4 simply ignore counties along the way, even if someone opens the door to surrender, only orders received in the city, the army is starry night killed to yecheng, even if such handan county city has failed to make lyu3 bu4 stop."No way." Shaking his head, xu shu smiled sadly.

"Father said, the army and horses did not move, information first, we know nothing about jiang xia, what ideas are useless, first send people will be around the mountains and rivers terrain clear, and then take the initiative to attack, will be introduced to huang zu! Lv family more advocate attack, lu bu so, lu lingqi is also so, said finally, than a cut throat gesture."Lv bu!" < / p > < p > xu chu saw lu bu appear, eyes immediately red, the tiger roar, waving a hammer toward lu bu rushed over."Just the usual announcement. Why is it taking so long?" The young general rode his horse and looked toward the gate. "and the captain just now, as if to hold me back and keep greeting the general."绝代蛮后"General, all slaves, no bodies found." All around the report sound steady spread over, did not find the body of lv bu, is a good thing, but the heart of madai is a little bit of sink, just look around the mess on the ground, they know how terrible the flood, madai is most afraid of, is not alive dead body.

绝代蛮后"Just how to persuade princes to join hands?" Liu2 bei4 eyes a liang, inquiry way.

"Well, fear of the future!" < / p > < p > han rong saw, the eye is not a bright, before urging the horse, two fast horses in front of the two military array crisscrossed and crossed, golden back cut mountain knife across a wisp of strange arc, in the moment of two horse crisscrossing with a strange whistling cut, but a gun front but precision nail in his blade."Hey, it's you again! Holds the sea to see zhang he, a wide mouth, hey smile 1, meet the adversary, particularly jealous holds the sea word, picking up wrought copper rod, with zhang he fights in one place, behind him, a large number of slave soldiers like surging wave rushed up, and zhang he brings many collision together, the blood of a wailing colourful flowers scattered, although these slave soldiers days running, but under the long-term vision for the future, the morale is high, in contrast, zhang he forces under the account, last night after night scrimmage, both morale and physical strength has been reduced to a low point, is almost a collision, began to pieces, ren zhang he and how a paired officer shouted, After several rounds of fierce fighting with hsiung kuo hai, zhang he saw the general situation was difficult to pull out and could only break away from the fighting group and follow the defeated army to retreat into the city."No one can do that except me." Lv bu nods a way.绝代蛮后




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