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仲里爱|糖仁福"Great! Looking at the contents of the letter, gao shun suddenly clap case excited way."What's the struggle? My father once said that when there is only one choice, the struggle is melodramatic." Lv lingqi shook her head, she did not understand zhaoyun at the moment complex tangled heart.

"Get out of the way! I'll meet him!" Zhang fei a snort of anger, so many people have been chasing the run, even trample, zhang fei are, in anger HeSheng, mounted on cone has took his hooves, a gust of wind generally thrown forward, the soldiers around jingzhou awed by zhang fei imposing manner, to see him and panic for zhang fei living out of a retreat, even if occasionally someone too late away, zhang fei also ignored, conveniently a spear, and pick the other fly out."Yuan shang has gone." Lv bu looked at zhang he, indifferent."It has not been seen for several days, but daily messages will be sent back to the camp." Magnificent sea sinking sound channel.仲里爱|Although the weather has begun to warm, into the spring climate, but the night wind is still with a trace of cold, lu bu lean railing and sit, overlooking the night in chang 'an shrouded in the night.

仲里爱|"That please high general return to bohai sea as soon as possible, again adjust 50,000 elite troops to come to support the battle, as to go to qingzhou to appease the people of all generals... "Yuan shang thought for a while and said," let's go from zang hong."Of course, isn't it written?" The captain patted the placard beside him.Lv bu also did not expect, oneself be in the trap horse pit that the great success outside the Great Wall, can so quick be used on oneself, nod a way: "slow, break the door!"

Chapter 59 guo jia controversyThis is not alarmist, think lu bu in chang 'an first year, how many nanyang people in the winter was frozen to death alive? That is still nest in the home, meng jin jingzhou soldiers can not much winter reserves, the cold and frozen with acclimate, not to say all frozen to death, but also can be frozen to lose combat effectiveness, how with lu bu under the command of these strong soldiers?If xu chu, the level of the xi, lyu3 bu4 time really bad break, but apparently not lu kuang and lu xiang brother, said lu bu, before the siege of the four will be lyu3 bu4, any one can easily give two people to abuse, as this two minions still dare to block, lyu3 bu4 can't help but be happy with anger, red hare didn't stop, lyu3 bu4 body a short, to avoid the two attack, party day painting ji with horsepower, since swept through, the lu kuang side in lu kuang shrieks, whole person was halved into two pieces.仲里爱|




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