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感动生命全集|连排椅"How do you know?" Tian feng stared at his eyes: "you have been to qiang? Do you know who is close to lu bu among the qiang people? Do you know qiang habits? As far as I know, burning when, water, broken qiang have clearly to lu bu loyalty, once the qiang people loyalty, is not easy to betray, qiang people heavy interests, just because they have not to anyone loyal, so as long as beneficial, in order to earn a living will go to war!"No one paid any attention to it, and it was driven away by the whining of the old hound by the galloping horses, and then by the trampling of iron hooves, which turned the land red with a sigh of panic, and by the fleeing cattle and sheep, which were gradually lost to the crowd, and from the beginning to the end, the army did not stop for a moment."The plan lies in the man, the plan lies in the day. If so, we will go back to xiliang first, to regroup later, and then to hetao to fight the huns. The hetao grassland was the only way for the huns to return. In a wilderness, lv bu wanted to burn the huns' vitality completely with a big fire. However, the weather was not perfect and he cut the grass for three days.

"Uptown! Open the gate!" Lyu3 bu4 listen to above spread of fight to kill voice, knit a frown, this Yang ding have some ability, ordinary soldier can't kill him, the city now don't know is what situation, he can't interest to wait for the dust settle down here."Dare to ask the girl, why is miss lv here?" Zhaoyun looked doubtfully at Keats.感动生命全集|Originally, the fire of yuan shao gives vent to 1, after passing tian feng a burst of elaboration, also moderated a lot, he also knows so optional doubt the loyalty of the underling is not a good thing, just this deputy will draw the snake and add feet to say more, immediately let yuan shao originally had fallen down of fire gas ceng again burned up.

感动生命全集|"True, but not quite." Lyu3 bu4 look to Addis, surprised some daughter today's stable, the past a few minutes less impetuous, although I don't know what happened, but this is the direction, lyu3 bu4 want shook his head a way: "on the runway, I have zhang liao, seibel, are general, d, Ezra pound, wei, and even xu sheng, Chen Xing blanc, the future is enough to be called general, theory of the charge, battle battlefield, I have holds, hai cang sea, from the north palace, tube and d, Ezra pound, wei yan and zhang liao seibel martial arts also not bad, even for father regardless of the earth, for will be with you, these people, you can than what?"Cao, standing in the courtyard, looking at the sky sunset fade away, behind him, huck hands chest, depend on the pillars, eyes aimless toward swept in the courtyard, with eyes, leaves deadwood, winter will come, the weather is gradually cool down, even if has had a fur garments, but stay out for a long time, still can feel a cold.Chen gong sniffed the speech with a smile and did not answer, maybe, who will know the future? However, chang 'an at present, it does give people a sense of vitality.

This is the first step in liu bao's plan, and then there are a lot of means, step by step will be the slaughter of each, Wolf qiang and first zero annexation, and then deal with the horizontal intervention of qin hu."You are all the best soldiers I have selected from the whole yong liang, each one of you has been through hundreds of battles!" Lv bu looked at these people, slowly exhaled.When lyu3 bu4 came to the backyard, was panic in big Joe cole, but also has a group of midwife in see lyu3 bu4, qi qi breathe a sigh of relief, although lyu3 bu4 have different look and feel, but in this time, the existence of lyu3 bu4, general for the entire house and changan, is a stability anchor, have him on, everyone's heart was steadfast many.感动生命全集|





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